Monday, August 14, 2017


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Taking the opportunity to try a second product from OOfos was a no brainer.  If you recall, I freakin love the clogs.  I still wear them everyday that I work which if you know me hasn't been often lately but before my last day in Philly they were still part of my work uniform.  This time around I was sent the #OOlala sandals.  I basically live in flip flops 8-9 months of the year so I knew if these were even half as good as the clogs, they would be my go to every day.

Unfortunately, I didn't get them until after we had left for our annual Bosnia/Croatia trip because we did TONS of walking to show my sister Cindy around but luckily I had them when I got home to help my poor feet recover from the two Jahorina races Emir and I did and all the walking we did everyday.

No lie, the second I put the sandals on, I knew I would never want to take them off.  They are just so comfortable.  They also truly do help your feet to recover.  For example, Sunday I went on an 18 mile, 3:45 long run.  My feet were totally toast after that run however I felt immediate relief as soon as I put the OOfos sandals on.  The tightness and soreness definitely lessened as I walked around in the sandals.  The OOfoam technology works as claimed.  It lessens the shock on your feet as you walk and eases stress on other joints as well.  Simply, they just feel GOOD!  I just want to wear them all the time.

The added bonus is that the OOlala sandals are also super cute.  Some of the other models of OOfos sandals are fine for just lounging or in your shorts & t-shirt kind of outfits but the OOlala can be worn as your everyday sandals but also will look great with a cute summer skirt or dress.  I love the sleek look of the straps and they come in a wide variety of colors.  They also so far seem incredibly durable.  I've been wearing them hours on end and on some rough terrain and they still look brand new. 

If you haven't given OOfos a try yet, you are definitely missing out. 

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