Wednesday, July 23, 2014

My first real summer training

summer running

Yes, I have run in the summer before but not like this. I started running fall of 2010. I ran my first marathon the first weekend of June 2011 and pretty much took the rest of the summer to recover just a few runs here and there. Summer of 2012 was spent just trying to recover from pregnancy and an early May c-section. And last summer I was just totally spent after a spring where I ran several marathons and my first 50K. I ran every week but was probably averaging 25-30 miles but even that wasn't until early August when I started training for my fall marathons.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Surpah's Body Fat Scale

I was sent the Surpah's Body Fat Scale a few weeks ago to test out. My first impression was how much I loved the appearance! The scale is black, very sleek with a cool blue display. I'm a little overly obssessive about weighing myself on a daily basis (I know this is not recommended) so it's important to me that I like how the scale looks since I like to visit it at least once a day ;-). Surpahs advertises that the scale not only measures weight but also body fat, percent water, percent muscle and muscle weight. I was suspicious at how a scale could measure all of this. Once I receieved the scale, I found out that it uses "bio-electrical impedance analysis to identify the various components of your body and calculates the percentage of each one. It works because fat, water, etc., all have different levels of resistance to a small electrical current sent through your body. This current is not perceptible and is completely safe."