Sunday, November 27, 2016

That time I ran for a day -- NJ One Day

So as you may recall, back in February, I ran the Febapple Frozen 50 and was the only female finisher.  For winning, I received entry into any other NJ trail series race.  I already had plans for the majority of races listed however the One Day was calling my name.
Running a 1 mile loop for 24 hours probably doesn't appeal to many people but to me, sounded awesome!   After running C & O under 24 hours, I thought I could totally run 100 miles again, lower my time and maybe even run more than a 100.  It seemed like running a short loop would make a lot of things easier.  I would have access to my crew and aid pretty much whenever I wanted and I wouldn't have to carry much with me, I thought it would be nice to run an ultra without a pack.


Disclaimer: Emir received Aerodak's Running Briefs as part of me being an awesome wife and a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

When Bibrave was looking for more men to test Aerodaks running underwear, Emir was happy to step up even though he's not a Bibravepro.  He actually not long before this opportunity arose, was saying how he needed new running underwear.  While most of his running shorts, have the built in briefs/support, Emir LOOOOOOOOVES his running manpris as well as running tights in the winter.  None of these provide much support to the vital parts so he likes to wear running underwear.  He has worn a few types that are more the compression short type so this is his first experience with a running brief other than the built in ones.

At first glance, they didn't look like much and actually thought the sizing might have been off as they just looked kind of big.  But once he put them on, he found that they fit well, snug but not too tight.  They are mesh and lightweight, not something you would wear on it's own but obviously you aren't supposed to.  And this feature is what makes them so breathable which leads to better comfort when running and sweating.

Emir didn't have any chafing and said that the drawstring was placed well.  It was on the outside so that it didn't cause any irritation.  He reported that the briefs stayed in place perfectly during all workouts and no wedgies.  He also felt they were very supportive and kept everything where it should be while running.

Overall Emir was very satisfied with the Aerodaks running briefs and said he will definitely continue to use them.

Sorry Ladies these are just for men! 

But I still think they make my butt look good ;-)

Check out the Aerodaks website for more info and FREE shipping!!!!!!

Sunday, November 20, 2016


Disclaimer: I received XX2i Brazil1 sunglasses as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

It's no secret that I LOVE xx2i sunglasses.  If you ever are on my instagram, those are the only glasses you will ever see both for running and casual wear. 


It doesn't matter that I already have the France2, USA1 and the Bermuda1, I have to try them all which is why of course I opted in for testing of their latest casual glasses the Brazil1. 

Here is the description of the Brazil1:

"Decorated with small silver accents and a keyhole shaped nosepiece, the Brazil1 turns heads with sleek lines and simplicity.  Using the same advanced materials as XX2i’s performance models, the Brazil1 comes standard with polarized lenses that employ 8K optical technology, ensuring the utmost frame durability and lens clarity.
Lightweight and durable frame. Polarized lenses with 8K optical technology. Glare cutting polarized lens technology - 100% UVA and UVB Protection"

Things I like about the Brazil1:

1. They look cool.  I mean I don't like to toot my own horn but I think I look pretty hot in these, here's photographic evidence

2. The frame is SUPER light.  While I loved how the Bermuda1 looked on me as well, I can feel a definite difference in the weight of the frame.  The Bermuda1 are definitely a heavier slightly bulkier frame.  I still love those glasses because they look great and are for casual but if you like your glasses to feel as light as possible the Brazil1 is definitely for you. 

3.  Fit is great.  Since these are lighter and slightly smaller than the Bermuda1, they just seem to fit on my face perfectly.  They literally never move ever.  I've worn them doing all kinds of things with the kids and even bending completely over they never even slid down my face at all.  Since they feel so snug, I decided to give them a try for running.  Unlike the Bermuda1's, which moved around and just felt to bulky for running, the Brazil1's were perfect.  They felt comfortable, never moved and honestly I forgot I was wearing them. 
Running in my Brazil1's!

4. polarized lenses.  Since I've started using XX2i glasses polarized lenses are just a must for me.  Everything looks amazing through them, totally cuts down on the glare and they are great protection from my eyes.  Even though these are casual glasses, I still feel it's super important.  AND it makes them look even cooler! 
YEAHHH polarized!
Honestly, there wasn't anything I didn't like about the Brazil1.  At first I was surprised by how almost plasticy the frame felt but I ended up really liking that aspect because that's why they are super light.  I also realized that they are still super sturdy despite this which was my other concern. 

As with ALL XX2i glasses, there is a 1 year money back guarantee and they have lifetime warranty (BTW I recently used the warranty on my FRANCE2's that Una snapped in half and was SUPER HAPPY with how easy and quick it was).  They also come with the same great sturdy case that all their glasses come with, I can't tell you how the case has SIGNIFICANTLY lengthened the life of my sunglasses.

The Code XX2iRocks will save you 50% on any of their glasses (amazing deal!)

AND for a limited time until Tuesday November 22nd at Midnight use the code BRAZIL1 to save 60% on the Brazil1's

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Going back to Key West!

Disclaimer: I received entry to Key West Half Marathon as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!
 About 3 years ago, I received a sign that I needed to go to Key West for the Half Marathon.  It was the year of our 10th anniversary of getting married on the beach at Fort Zachary State Park in Key West and I had just won entry on Twitter.  I mean come on, totally meant to be.  So we went, I ran and we had the best family vacation.  You can read all about it here

So why 3 years later am I going back again for the Half Marathon?  Well because my #brf and Bibrave asked me to!  I mean obviously it doesn't take much to convince me to take a trip to Key West in January but still, once Angie said she was going, I said "hell yes!" 

Clearly, Key West is a very special place to me.  I love going there with Emir (duh) but it was really wonderful sharing it with my kids and showing them where we got married.  Even though this time, no one in my family is going, I'm equally as excited to share it with one of my best friends.  I know we will have many crazy adventures. 
Maybe I can do this with Ang?
so many sites in Key West!  Mile 0!

                                                                        I will be doing LOTS of this

The race is MLK weekend so it's a perfect getaway weekend as most people have a 3 day weekend.  Back in 2014 the race was a very upbeat fun time.  The after party was pretty happening which even though I was happy to have my kids there, will be I'm sure even more enjoyable with just adult friends.  I'm looking forward to what things they've added and changed to the race since then.  Key West always seems to have perfect weather in January so I'm looking forward to a great race. 

If you are looking for a sign to tell you that you need to join us in Key West for the Half Marathon, here it is: CODE: KWHM19OFF will save you 20% on the race


Look for us in Orange!!!

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Grand Slam baby!!!!!

ahhh me and my Angie <3
It's always so hard to put into words just how great the Runner's World Festival weekend in Bethlehem is.  Saying it's awesome and amazing just doesn't do it justice.  It's one of those things that you really just have to experience to see what I mean.  Being there this year with a new group of influencers and my #BRF Angie all who have never attended before, and seeing their reactions to the weekend made it even just that much better.  Watching them take it all in for the first time, just made me even more certain it has to be one of the best running events out there.  I thought maybe I was the crazy one going through a post Runner's World depression until I saw all of them posting about how they wanted to go back and were so sad to see it end.  I'll try to keep my word recap to a minimum and just show my experience through my one million pictures (YES FREE RACE PHOTOS!).
some of my loot as influencer.  LOVE Balega socks!

more great stuff!

My Runner's World experience started Thursday around 5.  I was for the second year asked to be an influencer for the festival, huge honor.  We had dinner at Runner's World HQ with Bart and David and all the editors.  All of my Altra friends were there which was awesome catching up especially Tiffany since she left me for Utah :-(  We played some silly games, had our tour and then it was time to go.

Very shortly after arriving back at my hotel, my #brf Angie and her husband Josh arrived.  I've probably said this a million times, but Angie is one of my best friends even though she lives in Iowa.  We seriously talk all day everyday but I hardly ever get to see her in person, so 3 days at Runner's World was a very special treat (BTW we are going to the Key West Half Marathon together in January!!!).

get out of our picture Josh!
Friday morning we were up and at 'em super early.  I was out the door running to the Artsquest/steelstacks with the influencer group at 6am.
running through Bethlehem early in the morn
It was very exciting to be doing my first November Project workout especially since it was being led by the founder Brogan Graham however I came into this weekend seriously exhausted from crewing/pacing Emir at OC100 the weekend before and I had no chance to catch up on any rest since he left right away for Trailfest in Utah.
so hard to get myself going!
Needless to say it was a rough go for me but it was still a fun experience especially since the workout was open to everyone and Angie and Josh came too.
After trashing our legs during November Project we had a full day of influencer activities.  We sat down with Brogan for Q& A, then we had sessions with Golden from Altra, Colleen from Icon fitness, Becca from ifit and lunch with Dean Karnazes.  It was a great day but I was totally done by the time the trail race came around.  This year they had Golden do his trail clinic before the race started which was a great idea and tons of people were there for it.

I went out hard for the trail race but after about a 1.5 miles I was done.  Just too tired.  I eased up and I still finished with a solid time.  But like last year I kept sneezing non stop and coughing.  There must be something at that trail that bothers me.  So weird.
My Tiffany!  She won the Trail race, badass!

Fellow Altra Ambassador Chris!

Next up was hitting up a place with Angie, Josh and fellow Bibrave Pro Chadd for some beers and maybe some balls ;-)

Saturday morning was the 5K and 10K.
Influencers Jess and Ryan, two new running friends!
 It was a little chilly but felt good once we started running.  I had decided after how I felt Friday that I would take these two races easy and put in a harder effort on Sunday for the half.  Now I always say that and never stick to it.  Thankfully I had Angie with me.  We started much further in the back than I normally would which helps to go slower especially in the beginning, it's pretty congested.  Once I was in that "easy" pace mode, I didn't have the urge to go any faster.  I had the best time with Angie during both races.  We chatted, we posed for cameras, stalked Bart and just enjoyed the beautiful morning in Bethlehem.  It really was awesome!

Chadd had set up a tent near the visitors center so we had a Bibrave meetup kind of thing.  Jess co-founder of Bibrave arrived with our awesome banner.  We had a great time hanging out.

Needless to say now I was REALLY tired.  Since this is my 5th year at Runner's World, I have attended most of the seminars and as an influencer I already had my time with Golden, Bart and Dean which are the ones I would have wanted to attend.  So while the seminars are WONDERFUL and I love them, I didn't feel like there were any for me personally so I opted for a nap which was amazing.

When I woke up I went to happy hour with the RW Editors, David Wiley bought me a beer and I had some personal convo with him, and an overall nice time chatting it up with the intimate crowd that was there.  We followed that with the pasta dinner which was all dishes from Shalane's cookbook, yum!  It was extra special because this is Runner's World's 50th birthday.  I felt very honored to be a part of their celebration and also celebrated their 5th year for the Festival.
Altra's best booth yet

This year's influencers were such an inspiring group of people!  We even had an Olympian in our group!
Sunday morning was the Half Marathon.  I felt more rested than I had all weekend but still not so great.  I still decided to give it a good hard effort and just see what happens.  The best thing about my #brf is she is ok with whatever I want to do.  We had so much fun Saturday but she did not care or get offended at all that Sunday I wanted to do my own thing.  That's why I LOVE her! (sorry Josh, get over it).  While using the potty and warming up a bit, I saw local friends who are super fast and of course she ended up winning the half marathon AGAIN, amazing!  I also saw my best work friend Becky in the corral.  We started together but I wanted to try to keep up with the 1:45 group.  I stayed with them for 2 miles but the pacer was going a bit faster than I wanted even for 1:45.  I knew it's because he was banking time for the hills later in the race but still I just didn't have that extra little bit in me to keep up.  I changed gears and took it back a notch.  Around mile 3 is when hills start and they literally just killed me.  My hammys were on fire and it was SO HARD to run up these hills.  The more I thought about it, the more I realized I literally haven't "run" a hill in forever.  I've been only running ultras this year mainly and I power hike all the hills all the time even in training.  Oops.  At some point during mile 3 my co-worker caught back up to me.  As it turned out, this was a really good thing.  I was getting in the mindset of giving up completely and really really slowing down.  She said to me"If I'm bothering you to run with, I'll go"  I said "If I'm going too slow, you can leave me but you aren't bothering me at all"  She said "Let's work together.  I want to be under 2 hours"  So it was settled.  We ran the entire rest of the race together.

We chatted on and off and just enjoyed each other's company.  Definitely without her I would have been SO MUCH slower.  We finished in 1:51 which is only about 5 minutes off my PR on this course.  Considering the junk on my legs going into this race, that was an outstanding time and a really good solid effort.  I was happy and she was thrilled as that was a lot faster than she thought she could go right now as well.  We hugged and gloated about how great we did together.

I had some time before Angie would finish so I went inside to say goodbye to all my Altra friends.  It's always so great to see them.  Next thing I know, Angie was texting me from the beer garden.  I never usually get to hang out too long after races but I knew I just needed to get to soccer a few minutes before 1 so that left me some time to play.  We had the best time drinking our beer and dancing and watching fellow runners finish.  It's no surprise that a running festival put on by Runner's World would realize having the beer garden right by the finish is a great idea.  And that's just it.  The whole weekend is for runners put on by runners so there's a ton of thought and purpose behind everything that goes on during the weekend.  It really doesn't get much better than that.
4 races in 3 days!

I know I didn't blab as much as usual but I just honestly can't find the words to do it justice.  Just look at the pictures and you will see what I mean.  You can also check out my posts from past years (2015, 2014, 2013) and all the Bibrave Reviews if you want even more info.  Every single year has been amazing!
Love these guys! (yes even you Josh)