Sunday, April 2, 2017

Feelin' the OOOOO!

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I have seen and heard a number of runners raving about their OOFOS recovery flip flops and sandals including some of my Bibrave friends that tested them last summer.  I, myself, didn't have the opportunity since I was away in the Balkans.  They always intrigued me especially now after having the recent foot injury so I was happy to take the opportunity to do some OOFOS testing when it came up last month. 

As much as I love flip flops and literally live in them in summer time, I had to get the clogs since it was one of the choices being offered to me.  First of all, it's not flip flop weather at all and while I could have just worn them around the house for now, I preferred something that was more practical for the current time.  Second, I am a Physical Therapist in a hospital where clogs are highly desirable, fashionable footwear.  I've always stuck to wearing my worn out running sneakers to work just because when they are no longer good for running they are still usually in good shape and fine for work so then I'm not wasting extra money on something unnecessary.  I wear scrubs to work so clearly I'm not worried about my work fashion. 

The pics on the OOFOS site made the clogs look like they were pretty nice but still I wasn't sure how they would compare to the fancy, expensive brands some people wear around here and would they stick out like a sore thumb because they look so different and not "hospital clog" like?  I was more than pleasantly surprised when they came.  They were nice and shiny and looked just like most of the clogs I have seen people wearing at work.  OF course Emir thought they were "too shiny" but I insisted they were perfect.  And guess what?! I've never gotten so many compliments on my footwear!  SOOO many people in my department and around the hospital asked me what brand they were and commented how nice they looked.  I told people how they are good for feet recovery which would also work well for all of us here that are on our feet all day. 

I can honestly say I've been wearing them non-stop to work and I wear them around my house too especially after long runs.  They just feel so good on my feet.  I can feel the insole basically massaging the bottom of my feet and working into those little feet muscles helping them to recover.  They also fit very nicely and have the nice grippy type sole.  I do a ton of walking and lifting of my patients and the shoes never slide around or off at all and have good grip on the slippery floors around here.  I did try a pair of clogs in the past that I kept slipping out of which is an issue I cannot have in my job. 
very comfy even without socks!
Really, I've been very happy with the clogs.  I would totally buy another pair and I would buy the flip flops because I know I would love them come summer.  I also recommend buying the Project Pink ones that OOFOS is selling right now which is what my clogs are.  They have the cute little pink logo and $10 from every pair sold goes to breast cancer which is something super important to me as my mom is a 25 + year survivor.  Any company that gives back to important causes like this deserve to be supported!  Plus their products are great!

Treat those feet!!!!