Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Clif: Blocks and Bars

Awesome package from Clif and Luna

As a BibravePro a few weeks ago I received a lovely package in the mail filled with Luna Protein Bars, Clif mini bars and Clif Shot Bloks. I've had Clif bars so I knew I would love those however I have not tried the Luna bars or shot Bloks.

Clif Mini Bars

I have had many a regular size Clif Bar in many different flavors and I've enjoyed them all. When I received the box of Clif minis I assumed I would love them as well and I was not disappointed. The minis are exactly the same as the regular, just smaller size.


I feel like all I keep saying lately is "As a Bibrave Pro I was sent this product to try" but that's because it's true.  Sorry if you are tired of hearing it!  The latest product we were sent is the Flipbelt.  I'm always excited to receive different things to try out but I really didn't think I needed or had a use for a Flipbelt.  For starters, I don't like things around my waist when I run.  In the past prior to purchasing a hydration pack, I had a belt with four bottles on it.  There were often times I just felt like it was suffocating me, even though it was around my waist not my chest.  It also moved alot.  I felt like I was constantly adjusting it while trying to run.  I also received some serious chafage on some runs with it.  Another reason is because I do have a hydration pack that I can stuff whatever else I need besides my liquids.  I often have my keys, gels, shot bloks, phone and gopro in there (maybe I take too many things running?!).  And it's never a problem.  But I always keep an open mind when trying something new.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Discount Race Codes

I can't say enough how great an experience being a BibRave Pro has been.  Not only do we receive wonderful products to test and entries to races but I have become part of an awesome #bibravepro family who are so upbeat and supportive.  The other benefit is that we receive discount codes to various races that we can share with our fellow runners.  Instead of making a bunch of different tweets/FBposts about the various discounts, I figured one blog post would make it easier.  ENJOY!!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Nuun Hydration

Nuun Hydration

A few weeks ago Nuun Hydration sent myself and all the other BibRave Pros 4 tubes of Nuun to test out. Emir has purchased Nuun in the past however I myself had never tried it. It's only been more recently that I have been branching out and drinking flavored, hydration products before and after running and also just whenever for extra electrolytes. Many years ago when I was a swimmer, I despised electrolyte drinks. I really didn't like the strong flavors and I always felt more thirsty after drinking them. Once I have an idea in my head, it's really hard to shake. However, since lately I've been receiving different products to test, it kind of forced me to try things that I probably never would have on my own. In the case of Nuun, I was very pleasantly surprised. The flavors are very light, tasty and even have a little fizz which I immediately loved. So much so that I've been told lately that I'm a Nuun addict, I don't really see the problem with this. The flavors I received were mixed berry, grape, lemon-lime and blueberry pomegranate. Mixed berry and grape were DELICIOUS! I could drink those all day long. I'm not a lemon-lime girl in general so it was not surprising this was not my favorite however I must admit considering I don't like lemon-lime anything, I still drank more than one of these so it's not that bad :-) Blueberry pomegranate was a little weird for me. I think maybe it's a little too tart, it was hard to pinpoint exactly but I wasn't a big fan of this flavor. However, not a problem as Nuun comes in a multitude of flavors to suite anyone's palate, just visit their site to see for yourself.
Nuun comes in tablets. Just pop one in your water, watch it fizz for 2 minutes and good to go!

Nuun comes in the following types: Nuun active hydration, Nuun All Day, Nuun Energy and U Natural Hydration. Active hydration electrolyte enhanced to keep you hydrated without sugars and carbs even when active. U Natural is vitamin and electrolyte enhanced however contains half the amount of salt as regular Nuun for when you are not being as active. Nuun All Day contains caffeine and 17 different vitamins without sugars to keep you going all day long, without any of those sugar high crashes that sodas and juices can give you. Nuun Energy also has caffeine however it has the electrolytes of the active hydration formula so it gives you that boost of energy you need for a workout plus all the hydration you need.

I, myself, received the All-Day, Energy and 2 tubes of the regular Nuun hydration. It's hard to say if the Nuun gave me extra energy. But what I can say is that it definitely helped me to re-hydrate and stay hydrated post long runs and even just in general. It's also important to me that it does not have any sugars and each tap is 7-8 calories. I don't like drinking things that tack on a ton of extra calories. I also really enjoyed having a bottle full during the day at work or at night while watching tv. So it is something I would buy since I almost always drink something while watching tv and I enjoyed drinking the Nuun way more than plain water plus it was actually doing something positive for my body at the same time. I'm looking forward to trying out some of the other flavors.

Disclaimer: This product has been provided to me free of charge as a Bibrave Pro with no obligation of positive review. All opinions and comments are my own.