Thursday, May 29, 2014

Born To Run 100K--My adventure on a California Ranch

Born To Run

Warning! I know my blogs are long ( Emir always tells me so) but this one is probably longer than usual but I hope you enjoy anyway!

Even though it has only been a little over a week since we ran the Born To Run 100K, it feels like it was ages ago.  A lot has happened since the race.  You know just a little 1700 mile road trip through 3 states in a campervan but you can read about that adventure here.  There is so much to talk about with Born To Run that the rest of our anniversary trip needs a separate post.

Our 10 year Anniversary Ultra

I will pick up our anniversary trip after we left the Born To Run 100K.  We were on runners' highs from just completing our first 100k and very excited that we had the whole rest of our trip ahead of us.  It didn't matter that we were tired from the "after ultra, very restless" sleep we had or that our legs were sore, this is what we crave as ultra runners, bring on the road trip!

Monday, May 26, 2014

Runner-Husband: I can have my family and run ultras too

Every month Trailrunner magazine hosts a blog symposium. Emir participates almost every month. I on the other hand never feel too comfortable writing about topics such as the best old school trail race or commercialism in trail racing. I love trail running however Emir is way more well versed on the "goings on" than I. This month's topic however not only peaked my interest but is something I feel I'm pretty knowledgeable about. 

Is it easier to date a fellow runner or a non-runner? 

Friday, May 9, 2014

1 week until 100K

At times I thought it would never come and now that it's a week away, I can't believe how soon the Born to Run 100K is!

Emir and I planned this trip so long ago as our ten year anniversary trip. As it turns out we did end up celebrating our anniversary at the double Blue Ridge since it was only two days after our actual anniversary however this trip was meant to be our "real" anniversary celebration. The Double Blue Ridge was sort of an after thought and more meant to help us prepare for our first ever 100K. And who says you can't celebrate your 10 year anniversary more than once anyway?!?! The Born To Run ultra takes place out on a ranch in Los Olivos, California. Emir and I are flying out to LA on Friday morning and picking up our awesome camper van to drive to the ranch. We will be camping two nights at the ranch for the race. I'm so excited! There is a beer mile Friday, live music, tattooing, people running all kinds of distances from 10 miles to 100 miles and lots of partying after we are done running Saturday. Then Sunday we set off on our big road trip adventure to san fran, yosemite, the grand canyon and end in Vegas where we will fly home from.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Double Blue Ridge Marathon

Awesome belt buckle medal!  This is the first year there was a special medal for the Double Marathoners

It's taken me a bit longer to write up this race report than usual for me.  I've been finding it a bit hard to put into words my experience, it's literally indescribable to those who have not done something like it.  I also was waiting for the race photos to come out since they are free to everyone (special thanks to Gameface Media!) How awesome is that?!  I'm telling you that is just one of the many, many things that make Blue Ridge Marathon the best.