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I feel like all I keep saying lately is "As a Bibrave Pro I was sent this product to try" but that's because it's true.  Sorry if you are tired of hearing it!  The latest product we were sent is the Flipbelt.  I'm always excited to receive different things to try out but I really didn't think I needed or had a use for a Flipbelt.  For starters, I don't like things around my waist when I run.  In the past prior to purchasing a hydration pack, I had a belt with four bottles on it.  There were often times I just felt like it was suffocating me, even though it was around my waist not my chest.  It also moved alot.  I felt like I was constantly adjusting it while trying to run.  I also received some serious chafage on some runs with it.  Another reason is because I do have a hydration pack that I can stuff whatever else I need besides my liquids.  I often have my keys, gels, shot bloks, phone and gopro in there (maybe I take too many things running?!).  And it's never a problem.  But I always keep an open mind when trying something new.

We were given the option to choose whichever color we wanted.  I went with purple.  I know some people prefer grey or black to blend in with their running attire which is fine but I wanted a bright color.  I'm into the brighter the better lately for my running gear, a phase I suppose :-)

Flipbelt with the keys clip hanging out
 The belt was actually much different than what I was picturing.   I was picturing a belt more like fuel belts however it is completely different than any of the other running belts I've seen.   It's a tubular waistband made of moisture-wicking, spandex-lycra blend.  It has two openings in the front and two in the back.  It also has a little clip in the one opening that you can clip your keys to.   You put whatever you want into the belt and you are basically good to go.  I ran with my phone and ID in there without flipping the belt and had no issues.  If you feel you want more security, just flip the belt over so that the openings are against your body.  I've run a slew of runs now with the belt.  There's no bounce or movement whatsoever even with a bulky phone in there.  Honestly, every time I forget I'm wearing the belt.  There was no sliding, no chafing, no nothing.   I could easily fit my phone, keys, ID, money, gels, shot bloks, gopro.  There was nothing that I wanted to put in there that I couldn't fit.  The best part is that the flipbelt has actually helped me to be more safe now that I am doing a fair number of runs in the dark.  I tend to not carry any water or anything on weekday runs especially right now as they are only 50-70 minutes long.  My handheld is where I typically store my phone during shorter runs.  When I don't carry a handheld, I don't take my phone which honestly lately running in the dark (don't worry I do wear my headlamp, red flashing back light and reflective vest!) did make me feel a bit unsafe but I didn't really have a place to put it.  Now that I have the flipbelt, I take my phone on ALL my runs whether I'm carrying a handheld or not.  I'm really happy with it.  And to comment on the sizing.  I think the sizing on the website is good.  I went with size small as according to the chart that should be my size.  Small really fits perfectly.  Even though it's snug, it's not hard to get on and it does not feel tight yet it does not move at all when I run.  The only suggestion I have is if you sweat alot, I would put your phone in a baggie as the flipbelt will not protect it from alot of sweat.  It has not been an issue on all my runs only ones where I was extra sweaty.

I love the way the belt looks like a colorful waistband but if you prefer, you can wear it so that it's not noticeable
 Also, one last note not running related.  I HATE carrying a purse (if you follow my blog, you know I'm not very girly).  If I have pants on with pockets often I will shove my phone and whatever I think I need in there, which isn't the best.  Now I probably won't wear the flipbelt when I have to dress nice (well maybe not) but definitely when I'm out running errands or anything pretty casual, as I'm usually dressed in workout type clothes unless forced otherwise, I will totally use the flipbelt.  I like the way it looks like a colorful waistband and it's perfect for me since I like to travel so light all the time.  It also is safer than my purse.  When I'm out shopping with the kids, let's face it, my purse's whereabouts is usually the last thing on my mind.  It often gets left unattended in the cart.  The belt totally eliminates this problem. The belt is machine washable so don't worry I won't be out stinking it up ;-)  The flipbelt totally doesn't have to be just for running/working out!  I highly recommend it!

Disclaimer: This product has been provided to me free of charge as a Bibrave Pro with no obligation of positive review. All opinions and comments are my own. 

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