Thursday, November 6, 2014

Discount Race Codes

I can't say enough how great an experience being a BibRave Pro has been.  Not only do we receive wonderful products to test and entries to races but I have become part of an awesome #bibravepro family who are so upbeat and supportive.  The other benefit is that we receive discount codes to various races that we can share with our fellow runners.  Instead of making a bunch of different tweets/FBposts about the various discounts, I figured one blog post would make it easier.  ENJOY!!!

Code: BibRave - 10% off any location Palos Verdes - Nov 15  Irvine - Dec 6, 2014  Riverside - Dec 13

2014 Honolulu Marathon December 14, 2014
Code: BibRave15 to save 15% off a race entry fee

Arizona Rock and Roll Code: BIBRAVEAZ Discount: $15 Valid: AZ full and half End: 1/11 Code: BIBRAVEAZ10K Discount: $5 Valid: AZ 10K End: 1/11

F3 Lake Half Marathon & 5K January 24, 2015
Code: f35kbibrave 5k Discount: $5
Code: F3BIBRAVE Half Marathon Discount: $6

Urbanathlon - Chicago, SF, NY
Code: BIBRAVE20 - 20% off - sprint & classic distance

The Candy Run - Denver
Code: BIBRAVESWEET - $5 off (not valid on family pack)

Code: BIBRAVERUNSDENVER Discount: $5 off each 5k race Valid: Rudolph Ramble, Polar Bear, Super Bowl, Valentine's Day, That Dam Run
Code: BIBRAVERUNSHALF Discount: $10 off the half marathon Valid: That Dam 13.1 - March 1, 2015

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