Wednesday, July 23, 2014

My first real summer training

summer running

Yes, I have run in the summer before but not like this. I started running fall of 2010. I ran my first marathon the first weekend of June 2011 and pretty much took the rest of the summer to recover just a few runs here and there. Summer of 2012 was spent just trying to recover from pregnancy and an early May c-section. And last summer I was just totally spent after a spring where I ran several marathons and my first 50K. I ran every week but was probably averaging 25-30 miles but even that wasn't until early August when I started training for my fall marathons.

Emir and I ran a trail 10K beginning of June
Now here I am in the middle of the summer of 2014, averaging a good 50+ miles/week. As much as I love running, summer running can be a real challenge especially if you live on the East Coast, AKA the tropics. Here in the Philadelphia area we often are near 100% humidity with temps well into the 80s and often close to 90. This summer is no exception. There has a been a break here and there for a day or two but otherwise I look like I just got out of a pool after every run. As difficult as this winter was with snow and ice, I actually think summer is worse especially when you are doing any kind of significant training.  It's very easy to get down and frustrated because your pace is not what it was in the spring.   Deep down you know that it is normal and what you are supposed to be doing due to the conditions but let's face it, it's freaking annoying!   I should also mention that the last 3 summers I spent anywhere from 5-6 weeks in Bosnia and Croatia with Emir's family.  Sometimes it would be pretty hot during runs however the humidity is never usually close to what it is here so I think I also sort of "forgot" what it was like since this summer we were unable to go :-( 

Sometimes the Double Bob is the only way to get it done!

a sunday family run.  I can take pics and push the double BOB, impressive right?!

Due to the weather and amount of training I'm doing this summer, it's forced me to do a few things I've never done before and didn't actually think I would ever want to or be able to do.  One of those things is that some mornings I've gotten up before 5AM to go running.  I know there are lots of runners who do this however I was not one of them.  I am the type who snoozes until the last possible minute on work days.  Literally I would get out of bed at 6:40 when I needed to leave the house by 7 for work.  But as weekday miles increased for both Emir and I, it became clear we needed to start taking turns, one of us running before work and one of us after work.  It also does make for a bit of a more tolerable run before the sun is up.

"Mom, I can drink water and run at the same time like you!"

This kid ran a full mile one day and 1.5 the next! 

rare training run together :-)
Another change this summer is the number of runs I'm taking the kids on.  I use to take Niko on a fair number of weekday runs when he was about 1.5 years old and I was training for my first marathon.  But even then it wasn't significantly long miles.  It would be 3-4 mile runs, maybe 5 miles.   Last summer I either would only do a short run if I had to take the kids and I mean nothing more than 4 miles or I just didn't run if I was down the shore by myself with the kids.  Like I said, I wasn't "training" through the summer so I didn't force it.  This summer I'm running at least twice a week with both kids in the double BOB.  And since I decided to continue training with Caleb through the summer for the fall, that means anything from 6-9 miles AND speed work!  Oh and how can I forget the 15 miler I took Una on one weekend?!  My kids are not babies anymore.  They are 40lbs and close to 30lbs plus the weight of the beastly double BOB.  Add to that the sea breezes down the shore and it can feel impossible.  But it can only make me stronger right?  Not to mention the kids do love it especially since this occurs mostly at the shore.  Lots to see and do while we are out.  And Sundays have turned into family run day which is now my favorite day :-)

mile open water swim, I didn't come in last ;-)

We do more than run in the summer!!!!

Boogie boarding
So despite some of the hardships and humidity, summer has been pretty awesome.  I mean who am I to complain when I spend 4 days most weeks at the shore?!  I've been able to take advantage of the open water swimming down here and swam a race.  I'm also thinking about doing a 10 miler on the beach in a few weeks.  But other than that I'm just going to continue to train hard.  I've finally decided to run my first 12 hour race Sept 28th (sloppy cuckoo).  I'm really looking forward to seeing how many miles I can run in that one.  That will be my first real race since the 100K so needless to say I'm already antsy waiting for it ;-)  

I recently was able to review the Hoka Clifton for Ultra runner podcast.  Check out my review

And lastly I did want to announce that I am now a BibRavePro!!!  You can check out their website here.  Bibrave is a site where runners can review any race they run.  I like it because the reviews are short and sweet and to the point.  I'm really looking forward to representing BibRave and you will be seeing a lot of Orange from me in the future ;-)

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