Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Ready to Rock and Roll!


A couple of weeks ago I was asked if I would represent Bibrave at the Philly Rock and Roll Half. Even though the half is only 1 week before my first ever 12 hour race, it was an easy YES. I've been sitting here hoping that Bibrave would be able to find a race for me on the east coast to do and I had a great time doing the Philly Rock and Roll half in 2011 so it was a win-win. I also figure that coach would have made me do at least 13 miles that day anyway ;-p

The rock and roll course is very flat and fast. It was my first sub-2hour half at 1:54 even at 7 weeks pregnant with Una :-). There were bands playing all throughout the course and a fun concert at the end. I ran it with Emir and our sister-in-law Jenna and I remember we all had a great time.

This year sounds like only more fun than when I ran 3 years ago. They have added a 5K on Saturday and if you run both races (5K and half) you receive 3 medals (5k, half and a remix challenge medal).

Aside from all the usual music and other typical festivities we have all come to know and love from the rock and roll series, Philly will be featuring several elite runners. Olympic medalist Bernard Lagat will be running the inaugural 5K.

 Also, two of my personal favorites Deena Kastor and Kara Goucher will be running the remix challenge.

Even though I'm not sure yet what my actual race strategy will be yet for this race, I'm really looking forward to it.  If I decide to just take it easy and run it more as a training run for my 12 hour, it will still be great to get out and run with tons of other runners in an upbeat atmosphere, enjoying running, food, drinks and music.  If you live close enough or want to just come spend a weekend in Philly, I guarantee you won't be disappointed you did :-) And as an added bonus use my bibrave codes to save some money on the race as well. AND even better I am also listing Bibrave codes for several other races!

Rock and Roll Philadelphia
September 20-21, 2014
Code: BIBRAVEPHILLY Discount: $20 Valid: Half Marathon
Code: BIBRAVEPHI5k Discount: $5 Valid: 5k

Rock and Roll San Jose
October 4-5, 2014
Code: BIBRAVESJ Discount: $20 Valid: San Jose Half End: 9/28
Code: BIBRAVESJ10K Discount: $5 Valid: San Jose 10k End: 9/28

Rock and Roll Los Angeles
October 26, 2014
Code: BIBRAVELA Discount: $15 Valid: LA Half End: 10/19
Code: BIBRAVELA5K Discount: $5k Valid: LA 5k End: 10/19

Rock and Roll Arizona
January 18, 2015
Code: BIBRAVEAZ Discount: $15 Valid: AZ full and half End: 1/11
Code: BIBRAVEAZ10K Discount: $5 Valid: AZ 10K End: 1/11

Ventura Marathon
September 7, 2014
Code: Bibchat10 to save $10 off a race entry fee

Honolulu Marathon
December 14, 2014
Use Code: BibRave15 to save 15% off a race entry fee

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