Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Surpah's Body Fat Scale

I was sent the Surpah's Body Fat Scale a few weeks ago to test out. My first impression was how much I loved the appearance! The scale is black, very sleek with a cool blue display. I'm a little overly obssessive about weighing myself on a daily basis (I know this is not recommended) so it's important to me that I like how the scale looks since I like to visit it at least once a day ;-). Surpahs advertises that the scale not only measures weight but also body fat, percent water, percent muscle and muscle weight. I was suspicious at how a scale could measure all of this. Once I receieved the scale, I found out that it uses "bio-electrical impedance analysis to identify the various components of your body and calculates the percentage of each one. It works because fat, water, etc., all have different levels of resistance to a small electrical current sent through your body. This current is not perceptible and is completely safe."

The scale was easy to set up with my activity level, gender and height. There is also 8 user profiles total so it is good in a household or for a an athletic team. The scale automatically beings working as soon as you step on it. It gives you a reading quickly. My weight was definitely accurate. I have never gotten any of my other levels measured so I cannot say for sure that they are definitely accurate however based on some general info about myself, I can say that I think they are in the ballpark. Even though the instructions tell you not to use the scale after drinking coffee, alchohol or after exercise, while testing the scale I measured my stats several times a day to see how the measurements would change. All of the values seemed to fluctuate appropriately given the time of day, whether I had just exercised or drank alot of fluids. Therefore, I feel in general the scale is pretty accurate. While I'm sure this would not be satisfactory to those who get their fat, water and muscle measured in the traditional ways, for someone who has never gotten these measured and never will, it's good for me.  Even if the numbers are off a bit, they fluctuate appropriately so they will accurately reflect changes over the course of time which is why I think it will be a useful tool for me over time as I train for my upcoming races.

You can buy one here

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