Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Thorlo Sock Review

A few months ago Emir was asked to try Thorlos socks and write a review. He fell in love with the socks immediately. I can't lie, I was pretty jealous. Socks were one area of running apparel, that I felt I was lacking. My feet would be pretty beaten up after most long runs, blisters and pain. I was so grateful when Thorlos gave me the opportunity to try their socks.
Trail Socks

I was sent a pair of Thorlo's most popular socks, Experia and a pair of trail running socks. Thorlos is a brand that is concerned with serving people’s lifelong best foot health interests. And they make the socks right here in the USA, awesome!

My first impression as soon as I put on the Experia was "wow these are extremely comfortable and cushioned!"  And then I put on the trail socks and couldn't believe that they had even MORE cushion than the Experia.  I was in shock how much better these socks felt just being on my feet than any other running sock I have ever tried.  But how would they feel running?

I tried the Experia first.  I wore them on short and long runs, road and trail.  They felt great in every shoe I have including the Nike Flyknit which is a very snug shoe.  I wore them for the double Blue Ridge Marathon and they definitely did not disappoint.  No blisters, no feet pain whatsoever actually.  I was pleasantly surprised how good my feet could feel after 52 miles on the road just from wearing good socks.
Even fits nice with Nike Flyknit

Of course after that experience I could not wait to try the trail socks.  As I said these socks are even more cushioned than the Experia which does create a little more bulk and they are a little higher on the ankle.  My only concern was how the bulk would feel with some of my shoes.  I wasn't as concerned about my trail shoes but some of my speedy road shoes that are more snug.  I have to say while I might not wear them as much with a couple pairs of my road shoes that I currently have because it just feels a bit too tight, I still absolutely love these socks.  I was once again shocked at how well my feet fared during my first 100K which was all trail.  I thought for sure I would have some kind of foot problem, at least a little pain.  But nothing to speak of, the trail socks worked.

Trail socks in action

So some runners, even myself, might think that extra padding might get in the way of trying to run as fast as you can, that the extra bulk (which you really can't tell when you run except your feet aren't hurting) might actually cause extra weight or not have that "exact feel."  I admit, I definitely used to go by that and my socks especially ones that I wore for road racing were very thin, very minimal.  Now after wearing the Thorlos, I know it's definitely not true.  I also know that I am not only making my feet feel better now but I'm protecting them and preserving them so that as I get older (ugh!) I can still continue to run.  Our contact from Thorlos, Thomas, told me that they have had many runners in their 40s or older say that they thought they were going to have to give up running until they tried Thorlos.  But there's really no reason to wait as our foot pads are probably already starting the slow breaking down process as we speak.  If you want to give them a try (I promise it's worth it!) you can get a pair for free and just pay the $4.90 shipping (Currently Experia is not included in the offer, but I know you would be happy with any Thorlos you try).
My mother's day gift because I like them so much

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