Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Drink Cocogo! -- Review

A couple of months ago, Emir informed
me that he had been contacted by a company called Cocogo asking if he wanted to try their product and review it on his blog. When I asked, he informed me that Cocogo is a powder that you put in your water for hydration. At the time, we were both wary as we already had hydration/fueling methods that we were attached to. Emir decided to give it a try anyway. Of course, I couldn't let him get away with trying something and not sharing with me! Despite the fact that Cocogo is coconut water and I HATE anything coconut, I wanted to taste it anyway especially since Cocogo comes in lemon-lime, grape and raspberry passion fruit.

Apparently alot of other people feel the same way as the website says: " Coconut water is know for replenshing lost minerals but not for its flavor." The website also says "Yet people who drink Cocogo say the taste gets them started. And the taste keeps them going."

I am not exaggerating when I say that I loved the taste as soon as I tried it especially the raspberry passion fruit which is my favorite. All three flavors are very light tasting and I honestly don't even notice the coconut at all. Feel free to confirm with Emir but instead of drinking a glass or two of water at night while relaxing after the kids go to bed, now I almost always drink a bottle full of Cocogo. I know I don't drink enough during the day so I try to make it up at night. Now that I have been using the Cocogo as a recovery/hydration method at the end of the day, I can definitely tell a difference. My body definitely has been giving me all the signs that I have been staying better hydrated despite the fact that I've been running much longer distances than before and it's been getting hotter.
As for using Cocogo during my runs, it varies. Cocogo comes in easy-to-use little packets that are 37 Calories each. While drinking Cocogo on any length run will keep me hydrated with no problem, I need something more to fuel me (more Calories). I also have a thirst issue when I run long distances that I only feel satisfied by plain water which is the only reason I tend to not use Cocogo on super long runs. And it's not even that drinking Cocogo leaves me feeling thirsty or with a weird after-taste like most other sports drinks, it's just my weird thing. But even though I do not use it during lengthy runs, I still will hydrate right after with at least one bottle of Cocogo.
Aside from the fact that I like how Cocogo tastes and how it has helped me improve my overall hydration, I love that it is all natural ingredients.
Information from the Cocogo website regarding ingredients: Cocogo helps you hydrate more effectively with Mother Nature’s natural nutrients. Fruits like these deliver vitamins and minerals to your cells. •Coconut Water replenishes necessary minerals lost through sweat •Grapes, Berries, Passion Fruit, and Citrus bring authentic flavor. They sweeten without tasting sugary. Their vitamins don’t hurt a bit, either. Monk Fruit adds natural sweetness and health-promoting compounds.

To recap:
--Great Taste (no after taste)
--all natural ingredients
--very effective hydration method
--very convenient packaging
--inexpensive (use code Marathonmom for 40% off!)
There is only one thing I would like to see and that is bigger packages of Cocogo so that I don't need so many packets for larger water bottles/hydration packs otherwise perfect!

So now you can see why it was easy for me to decide to become a Cocogo Ambassador.

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