Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Blue Ridge Marathon Giveaway!!!

Do you want to run "America's Toughest Road Marathon??"  If yes, then the Blue Ridge Marathon is for you!  Boasting over 7000 feet of elevation across 3 mountains in Roanoke Virginia, not only tough but I would say one of America's most beautiful as well.

I ran this race with my husband last year after he won entry from a blogger.  We were on a complete high for weeks after this race.  Blue Ridge changed how we viewed marathons, mountains and running.  We really felt it helped shaped our running this past year.  You can read about our experience here  
and here.

Enter my contest!!! See where it might lead you!!  
And if you aren't up for a full marathon yet, if you win entry you can choose to run the marathon, half or new this year 10K. Something for everyone! a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. I've been having trouble the last two days with my tweet about the giveaway entry. It's not loading my entry once I put in the link to my tweet...

  2. sorry about that! I'll check on it

  3. Katie, I just checked and it did accept all your entries so no worries!!! :-)