Wednesday, January 1, 2014

My unexpected 2013

2013-totally unexpected but I conquered it!
Even though I think year in review posts are so cliche, I love them so much!  Which of course why I had to write one as well.

On Monday during #healthywaymag chat, one of the questions was "what is the one word that describes your fitness/running in 2013?" My answer was "unexpected".  Sounds like an odd word but it's really the best word to describe my year as a runner.
Didn't expect all our running to have such a positive influence on our kids at such a young age.  They love it!
My goal at the beginning of 2013 was solely to attempt my first ultra, a 50k.  I also figured I would probably run maybe 2 marathons, 1 spring, 1 fall.  I had only at that point ran 1 marathon in 2011 and 1 in 2012 (I popped out a kid in between) and that was it as far as my marathoning experience.  

Definitely never expected to meet Summer Sanders and wear her gold medal!
Honestly, I can't even really explain what happened.  Races popped up and next thing you know we were signed up.  I'm not sure why we thought it was ok or doable to run so many marathons (5) including 2 in 2 weeks?!  And after completing a torturous 50k at bear mountain that took us 8 hours, we did 2 more!  Not only did I complete all those races but I also lowered lowered my half marathon time to under the 1:50 mark and lowered my marathon time by 25 minutes breaking the 4 hour mark.  Those were both goals I wasn't expecting to reach for at least another year.  Now after doing all that of course I'm loading up on marathons and going to attempt 100k but this year it seems much more logical.  I feel like we went from 0-60 in a blink of an eye in 2013!  But I loved every mile!

2013 was unexpected for other reasons as well.  I was not expecting that people would read my blog therefore I was definitely not expecting to be asked to be an official blogger for Blue Ridge Marathon (enter my free entry giveaway!), which btw I was not expecting to run America's Toughest Road Marathon ever.  My blog has also led to a few other experiences and opportunities that I would never have thought of before and hopefully can expand on in 2014
Never expected that I would ever run NYC marathon!
. Other unexpected events were becoming part of #runchat, #healthywaymag and the always crazy #ultrachat.  It's been totally awesome becoming a part of these running communities, making new friends and having constant support.  All the running I did and becoming part of the online running community in 2013 has made me feel like "wow I'm not only a marathoner, I'm an ultramarathoner."  Totally unexpected as I was that girl who hated everything running pretty much my whole life, it's just mind blowing to me.

My final comments about 2013 aren't really about something unexpected.  I have to acknowledge my truly awesome husband and running partner, Emir.  He has been the one encouraging me to do everything.  He got me to give running a try, he encouraged me to start blogging, he introduced me to the online running community and he is always there to support me every single mile.  And he got me a running coach for Christmas!  Now that was unexpected! ;-)

Didn't expect this guy and myself to become such running badasses

Goals for 2014: decrease my marathon time (current PR 3:55), run a double blue ridge marathon and complete my first 100k.  Obviously we all know lots of other things are bound to happen and I'm looking forward to more crazy adventures this year!

2013 race recap:

October Blues Cruise 50k  & Runner's World Hat Trick (half marathon, 10K, 5K)
December Rocky 50k

Here's to running even more in 2014!  Happy New Year!

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