Sunday, April 23, 2017

Eagle Creek Pack-It Sport

Disclaimer: I received Eagle Creek Pack-it sport lockers as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

The latest product I was able to try out thanks to Bibrave is the Eagle Creek shoe locker and the wet/dry fitness locker.  Both are part of their Pack it Sport collection.  You maybe familiar with Eagle Creek from their extensive luggage and backpack collections but now they created multiple solutions for gross, smelly and wet clothes. 

I always find myself using one of those drawstring bags from a race or something to stash my dirty running stuff when I'm away at a race or on vacation.  This method is o-k but sometimes moisture leaks through and definitely the smell infiltrates my whole suitcase and spills over to any clean items in there. 
I am not a good packer...
So far, I've found the Eagle Creek lockers to be a great solution.  The material is super light so it doesn't add any weight to my bag.  It's water resistant and has antimicrobial treatment to prevent odor and prevent any gross things from growing.  I used them both on my recent trip to Colorado.  I found them useful for going there and coming back.  On the way out, I put all my running outfits and gadgets in the fitness locker just to keep it separate from regular clothes (some of my stuff always smells and it's just nice to not have everything mixed together).  Unless you are taking new shoes, running shoes are always dirty so it was awesome to pop them in the shoe locker and just toss them in.  Obviously, it all came back in those same lockers however my running stuff was WAY stinkier.  I realized just how effective the fitness locker was at locking the odor in once I opened it when I got home.  It practically knocked me over but everything else in my suitcase was nice and fresh. 
4 days of running clothes!

From the looks of the fitness locker, it seems small however I fit 4 days of running outfits in there no problem.  It also has two compartments for keeping things separate which is nice.  While I will use the lockers mainly for travel, they would also be great for the gym.  I also used the fitness locker yesterday at my 50K race.  It was pouring rain so when I was done I dumped a few soaking wet items in there to keep my car dry and was very happy with the results. 
Running in Colorado is beautiful but my clothes still did not smell beautiful...

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