Wednesday, February 12, 2014

I've Got the Winter Blues!

This winter has definitely been the toughest winter for me since I've become a runner.  Ok so that's not really saying a lot since my first winter running was 2011 but whatever ;-)  I love a good snow run.  And since receiving my Icebug's, ice ain't got nothing on me either. 

But just because I have good equipment that makes it safe for me to battle these elements I do wonder how good is it to constantly be running in the snowy/icy conditions? It's one thing to tough it out once in a while but to do it for weeks on end could really take a toll. They say running through snow and on ice is alot harder than running in normal conditions and it's equivalent to running extra miles. If you are like me and have a training program with specific mileage, it could be pretty detrimental to constantly be out fighting these elements especially long run after long run. And this winter has not been just about the snow/ice, it's also been about the constant bone-chilling temps, I'm talking it feels balmy at 30 these days.  Typically I would be outside after work 1-2 nights a week with my headlamp but this winter once it gets dark, temps plummet.  Yes I see all the posts of the badasses that went out with sub zero windchills.  But when I see that, I have to say "what's really the point of that?"  Of course I want to run outside as much as I can too but do I want to risk doing harm to my body that could really set me back or cause something to happen that I can't even run my spring races??  One day a couple weeks ago, I got home from work a little early, I had 60 minutes to do and enough time to finish it before the sun went down.  It was about 25 degrees out, not sure about wind.  I bundled up including my Icebug buff (that thing has been a lifesaver!) and headed out.  The run was fine but by the time I finished up, I could start to feel serious cold on my nose and cheeks that I couldn't cover.  When I came in, Emir looked at my face and basically said the same thing that I was feeling that it's really not good to be out there any colder than what it was or for any longer than what I was out there.  That run made me feel better in that I wasn't "wussing" out of running outside on a lot of runs this winter, I was being smart.  It's always nice to feel smart ;-)

Love my Icebug Buff almost as much as the shoes!

The other major issue for me this winter has been sickness. I spent alot of time sick as a kid. I had asthma and sinus issues that were constantly wreaking havoc on me. Which is probably a major reason running never worked for me but I was able to swim competitively.  Fortunately, a surgery when I was 17 and a gradual growing out of my asthma has really changed things for me. Of course I get little colds here and there but nothing that really sets me back a ton especially since I've started running seriously. Probably over the last few years I've missed maybe a few days of training total (not counting the last few weeks of my second pregnancy and some weeks of C-section recovery).  Since the beginning of 2014, I've already missed 4 runs including 3 last week because I was so sick.  And the other run I missed was right before the Key West Half for which I probably wasn't fully recovered.
bunch of sick people last week :-(

So between the weather and all the nasty germs going around, this winter has been a bit frustrating.  I went into this winter training really excited to work with a coach and make the most of the opportunity that Emir gave me.  Coach assures me that all will be ok and having a really bad week last week shouldn't affect my goals for the OD Marathon in March.  I know he's right however I think I'm beginning to develop "treadmill fever" I literally am screaming inside "I just want to get out and run like normal!!!" And with  yet another major snow storm starting as I type this, I can only dream of spring.
Yes, I have managed a little fun this winter ;-)
No need for spring training! Snowball!

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