Sunday, February 23, 2014

GIVEAWAY! Entry to BoMF 5 Miler

I first heard of the Back on My Feet (BoMF) organization last year when I saw a story on the news about an organization that used running as a way to help homeless people.  From what I could tell it wasn't just holding races to raise money but also helping homeless people to run themselves.  As with most things you see on TV I thought, "hmmm that's really cool." But then never thought of it again.  Until I became friends with Rebecca Schaefer.  Based on her twitter and instagram, I knew she was a huge BoMF advocate.  Then when she organized the Rocky 50K, she was collecting running shoes for BoMF and there were also a few representatives from the organization hanging around cheering that day.  They are all so passionate and upbeat.  So when Rebecca asked me to host a giveaway for their 5 miler, I didn't even give it a second thought! 

Here is BoMF's mission from their website:

The organization’s mission is not to create runners within the homeless population, but to use running to create self-sufficiency in the lives of those experiencing homelessness. The program’s success is measured by how many Members achieve independence through employment and housing.
Through dedication and hard work, Residential Members (those experiencing homelessness) earn the opportunity to create a new road for themselves.   Running leads to personal transformation and dedication to the program leads to access to training, employment and housing resources.  Through community and corporate support, the program strives to change the perception of homelessness.

I love this as it shows how running can be and is so much more than just running.  I have been saying it all along how running has transformed my life as well as many others in so many different ways.  And BoMF has taken that a step further to help those with much more serious issues.  Just AWESOME.

So about this race!  It takes place Saturday March 29th at 8 AM.  It starts and finishes on West River Drive.  It's the perfect tune-up race for those who are running Broad Street.  Or perfect if you just want to run 5 miles, have fun and help a fabulous organization.

 2013 BoMF 5 miler

 2013 BoMF 5 miler

 2013 BoMF 5 miler

Enter my giveaway for a chance at free entry!!!  And even if you don't win entry, I encourage you all to sign up anyway.  It will be a lot of fun while supporting a great cause!

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