Friday, September 20, 2013

Ultra Running has changed my life

I’m sure many would ask “why do you love ultra running you crazy, weirdo person?!?!” unless of course you are an ultra runner, then you don’t need an explanation. However, I’m going to go ahead and tell you why because I REALLY want an Ultimate Direction Scott Jurek Ultra Vest! As I have mentioned, I am a water HOG. Lately I have been trying to balance my need for LOTs of water and need for Tailwind. If I only use my hydration pack filled with Tailwind, my energy levels are good but I get so thirsty. If I only fill it with plain water, I’m not thirsty but I don’t have my fuel. So I have ended up filling my pack with plain water and carrying my handheld with a concentrated Tailwind. The Scott Jurek Ultra Vest would totally solve this problem for me! I can fill the bladder with plain water and the bottles in the front with Tailwind, seriously I NEED THIS VEST! Anyway I can win this amazing vest from the best ultra website if this blog entry gets chosen to be in the top 3 entries and ALL of you vote for me :-)

So why do I love ultra running? It’s complex yet it’s so simple. The simple answer is it makes me a better, happier person. The complex answer is explaining how. It gives me that break I need from life. I explore all different trails and paths near and far that I would have never seen. I have met many awesome, people online and in-person. I feel like I am part of special, nonjudgmental club. It gives me that sense of belonging somewhere. All of this translates into me being a better, more patient mother, wife, sister, daughter, physical therapist, co-worker and overall person. I could go on forever if there wasn’t a word limit so I’ll finish with this: Ultra running has changed my life. It has helped me lose weight, eat healthier, get stronger and be fitter. It’s also something that has deepened my relationship with my husband. It has brought a new respect and admiration by helping each other through ups/downs, seeing how far we can push ourselves. This is something we never envisioned almost 15 years ago when we met, now we couldn’t picture life without ultra running in it.

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