Sunday, January 22, 2017

lighting up my run -- Knuckle Lights

Disclaimer: I received Knuckle Lights as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

As it is winter time, many of our runs especially on work days occur in the dark.  Being visible is super important as well as being able to see where we are running.  As an ultra runner, I also use various types of running lights during my own races and when crewing/pacing.  Therefore, running lights are super important to me and I like to have lots of them.

The knuckle lights are something different than anything I've tried as far as things to light my run.  I've used many a headlamp and a few things that clip on but never a handheld light.  To me having to carry a light might be annoying or take up space in my hands that I might need for water, fuel etc but since I was given the opportunity I wanted to check these out.
I was shocked when I first picked up the lights, at how light they are.  According to the website, they are less than 3 ounces each which when you hold them, definitely feels super light.  Probably one thing that helps with the weight is the fact that they do not use batteries.  They come with a charger that is very easy to use.  I LOVE this since we go through batteries around here like crazy between the dark winter runs and long ultra races we do for all our headlamps.  I definitely did not need something else that uses batteries.

The lights each have a magnet so they stay together. 

The lights easily turn on by pushing the button on top, it was not difficult to do even when on the run.  They have multiple settings including a bright light, normal light and flashing light.  I've used all three settings and like them all.  I was especially impressed how bright the lights were and the extensive area they covered when I was running.  Headlamps tend to light up a more narrow cone type of area where these lights, light up a very wide area.  I can also see this being really helpful so that I don't get that weird tunnel vision that can happen with the headlamps.

As far as having them in my hands while running, it didn't bother me at all.  They were easy to hold.  Sometimes I would put them both in one hand which since they were so light, didn't make much of a difference.  The holders you slide your hands into are adjustable which is nice for all different size hands and if you want to make it more snug so they can just sit on your hands rather than actually holding them.  
 The only negative I could see was that some people might not like that the light they create does move while you are running since you are usually swinging your arms.  I didn't find it bothersome but I definitely can see some people might especially if they are wild arm swingers.

All in all I liked the knuckle lights alot.  I took them last weekend to Key West to do my pre-race run and I used them later this week on a night run with my sister.  I can definitely see myself using them in my ultras especially in conjunction with a headlamp, that trail will be so bright I'll trick myself into thinking it's daytime ;-)

I think they are definitely worth trying out and right now you can use the code BIBRAVEPRO and save 10% off your entire order. 

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