Friday, September 30, 2016

Getting the Stank Out with 2TOMS

Disclaimer: I received 2TOMS Stink Free Spray and Detergent as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!
Anyone who works out on a regular basis knows that it can be nearly impossible to get that BO sweaty smell out of your clothes.  Those of us who are long distance runners, have it a million times worse.  We have hours, sometimes days of stank embedded in our clothes.   There's been times it's so bad, I can't stand the smell of myself, not kidding.  Then on top of it, we often travel long car rides, stay in hotels or camp for these races.  This leaves our stanky clothes to sit and wait until we get home.  It can really be unbearable even for me a complete dirtbag.  It takes a lot to bother me but that ultra nasty smell, stewing for a couple days can be pretty awful.  So needless to say, I was eager to try 2TOMS stink free spray and detergent.

Stink Free Spray:  The Stink free spray is different than other sprays because it's guaranteed remove not just cover up the nasty odors in your workout/running gear.  How does it accomplish this, you might ask?  The formula cleans the pores that trap the odor in shoes and gear.  Stink Free Spray has no perfume in it’s formula, therefore it leaves behind no smell once dry. The spray is safe to use on canvas, leather, satin, denim, shoes and all high performance fabrics.
mom you stink!
How it worked: I used it on all kinds of running gear including shoes, sports bras and hydration pack.  The spray did not have any kind of smell to it but it definitely tamed the smell on my stuff.  It was super helpful at my recent 100K race since we were camping.  I had to just shove all my stanky running stuff in the bag to wait until we got home.  It was nice to open that bag at home and not pass out from the smell.  An additional benefit is that the spray also can be used as a pre-treatment for dirty clothes.  After 62 miles on the trail, I had some super dirty gear that the spray helped to get some of the dirt stains out of. 
Might not have looked super dirty but I smelled BAD

Stink Free Sports Detergent: Just like the spray, the detergent removes odors and doesn't just mask it.  It also gets rid of tough stains using a residue lifter. 

How it worked:  I've had problems in the past getting the stank out of some of my running gear.  No matter how many times I pre-treat them and how many times I wash them, they still have that odor to them.  The stink free detergent does a nice job of neutralizing the odors.  I really like that it doesn't have any perfumes so when I start sweating, I don't have a strong detergent/perfumy smell but I also don't smell my BO from last week's workout either.  It seems like it gets stains out just as good if not better than my regular detergent.  I really haven't had any extraordinary stains to remove the last couple weeks so I can't say that it's amazing but getting that stank out is totally worth it to me. 
This is how we feel about the stank

Currently you can use code
2TOMS20 to save 20% on any 2TOMS product (don't forget about the amazing sportshield to prevent chafing!).  Also if you just want to try the detergent, they sell sample sizes that you can do a couple of loads with to see how you like it.
two necessities in my ultra race kit

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