Sunday, October 4, 2015

Run like an Ironman--Wigwam Socks

Disclaimer: I received Wigwam socks as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

Last week I received a pair of Wigwam socks to try out.  They are called Ironman Run so I figure they should be able to stand up to my ultra running habits but you never know.  I've tried many a sock and have had many a blister.  My feet actually have been in pretty great condition this whole summer which is surprising given my mileage and terrain in prep for TARC100 (only 6 days away!!!!!).  So that alone makes me hesitant to change anything but trying new things is all part of being a #bibravepro and usually I end up with a new product I really like.  

There are other colors on the wigwam website

Since my socks literally just came a week ago, I haven't had too much time to put them through the ringer.  I was able to wear them last weekend for a 13 mile taper run (yes back to back 15miles and 13 miles are taper for 100 miles).  I actually forgot I was wearing different socks then usual because they felt the same as the socks I've been using all summer, which is a good thing.  They were very comfortable and when I took them off, my feet looked exactly the same as before the run.  

The details of the socks are as follows: The Ultimax moisture control moves moisture up from the bottom, it has seamless toe closure, ultra lightweight design and some kind of fancy odor control.  My feet were not really sweaty at the end so it seems like the moisture control worked.  Obviously no seams is a huge plus and why I had no blisters.  I did notice the socks are pretty thin which is the ultra lightweight design.  I like that but at the same time not sure how well it would stand up to say weekend after weekend of 40+ miles but then again that's not really normal for most people ;-)  As for the odor, I really have no idea if that worked or not.  To be quite honest, ALL my running gear smells absolutely horrible at this point despite countless times through the wash.  If it doesn't smell as soon as I put it on, I can start smelling it within the first mile.  It's pretty gross.  So needless to say by the end of 13 miles, I smelled awful and maybe none of it was coming from my feet but who knows?!  If anyone has any good tips on how to get the stank out of our running stuff, let us know!  I hate to think what it's going to be like after 100 miles this weekend!  
socks in action

Anyway of course I have a discount to share with all of you!!  10-WG615BR - 15% off and free shipping.  Wigwam has TONS of socks and cool colors too to choose from so ENJOY!!!!
Last long run before the 100!

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