Thursday, February 19, 2015

Mestrength--not my cup of tea

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Mestrength is a performance hydration mix.  It does not contain any preservatives, stimulants, high fructose corn syrup, sugar or stabilizers.  The list of ingredients are short and simple and are as follows:

Calcium (30mg), Phosphorus (15mg), Magnesium (15mg), Sodium (60mg), Potassium (30mg), Creatine Monohydrate (5g), Citric Acid, Natural Flavor, Vegetable and Fruit Juice (for color), and Stevia (a calorie free plant based sweetener).
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I love the idea of this drink mix.  It has 0 calories, no artificial sweetners and 5 electrolytes.  I was also very intrigued by the fact that it contains creatine, which helps muscles perform more efficiently and recover faster.  Being the crazy ultrarunner that I am, I'm always looking for things to speed my recovery. 

I was very excited to give this drink a shot, however after one sip, I knew it was not for me.  The flavor was so incredibly strong, I didn't want anymore.  I thought I must have mixed it wrong so I checked the package but I had mixed it in a full water bottle.  I decided to add it to an even larger than normal water bottle and nope I still didn't like it.  Sometimes I can be a little overly judgemental when trying something new especially with a different taste.  I asked Emir to try it and he did not like the taste either. 

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In speaking to one of my BibravePro friends, she said she really liked the taste however she had tried grape and orange but I had only tried fruit punch.  So I proceeded over the next few days to try all the flavors.  I really was bummed that I truly did not like any flavor since I liked the ingredients so much.  I also have enjoyed my interactions with the company.  They are very active and supportive on social media.  And they have emailed me multiple times to discuss the product and answer questions.  I truly appreciate that, because honestly what is the point of having people test it if you don't want feedback?! But there are many companies that do not.  Mestrength were very appreciative of my comments despite the fact that I did not enjoy the flavor.  Obviously, it is just a personal preference thing however it was still nice the way they recieved my feedback.  The rep also explained that the flavor comes from the stevia which is too strong of a flavor for about 5% of people and I happen to be one of them. 

I do urge you to give Mestrength a shot for yourself as I think it's a great product if the flavor agrees with you.  Several of the other Bibravepros really loved it.  And what better time to try it than now while you can buy it for 25% off with the code:  BIBRVE25  on Amazon (not an affiliate link) through 2/28/15!

Any questions or just want to chat, the Mestrength folks are always accessible on Twitter and Instagram:  @Mestregnth

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  1. Bummer that you didn't like any of the flavors, but everyone's tastes are different! At least you gave it a shot :)