Tuesday, March 5, 2013

What's another marathon?!

So since last post, I've been making a concentrated effort to eat better.  I mean we don't eat out often as it is, usually twice a month but I was snacking a lot and eating poorly at work.  People are always bringing in bad foods!!!!!  And there was holidays and my birthday, blah blah.  Not really good excuses.  I don't know why both times after having a baby, I got into these bad habits.  After Niko it took until well after he turned a year for me to really turn it around.  I lost a good 60 pounds training for my first marathon and eating better.  This time at least I don't need to lose too much since I kept running throughout my pregnancy and I weighed ALOT less when I got pregnant this time.  So far I've dropped a couple pounds and I have been running a bit faster during my training runs although that could also be due to last week was a down week so my legs recovered a bit.  Whatever!  It was also good that it was a down week as Una was sick almost all week and weekend.  She usually never wakes up during the night but she was waking up multiple times and crying a lot.  I felt so bad for her but also was exhausted.  And Niko got a little crazy from being cooped up since we couldn't go out.  But the runs got done and everyone survived and Una is much better :-) 

The other thing that happened this past week was our decision about when to go to Bosnia and Croatia.  My husband is from Bosnia and most of his family including his parents still live there.  We try to go for a visit every year especially since we have had kids.  Luckily I have a very flexible job so I have been able to go for 4-5 weeks the last couple years.  Every year our trip revolves around some event, Niko turning 1, me running the Plitvice Marathon and last year my maternity leave.  This year we had no reason to go any particular time.  We really thought we would go in August as there was a trail marathon at the end of the month near Zagreb, Croatia.  However we started looking at flight prices and it was soooo much more money to go then.  As it happens if we leave the day before Memorial day we can save a lot of money so that pretty much made the decision.  Conveniently the Plitvice Marathon is June 2nd.  Do you even need to ask?!  I mean really what's another marathon?!  So yes we are planning on running the Plitvice Marathon as well.  So that makes 4 marathons + 50K in the next 3 months!  yikes!  Only the first marathon which we are running this Saturday is not an actual race.  It was just be Emir and I on our own.  I'm actually really excited to do Plitvice again.  It's so low key, doesn't start until 10! and it's GORGEOUS!!!  I also am excited to repeat my first marathon to see how I may have improved since then.  I do however have to make myself realize tho, that I have had a baby since then so it may not be as good as I want.  Yes I know I say that but I will still be hard on myself if I don't improve.  Oh well it's all in good fun! ;-)

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