Thursday, January 7, 2016

XX2i -- USA1

Disclaimer: I received XX2i USA1 sunglasses as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

Full USA1 kit
I have to be honest, I was already in love with XX2i glasses before they sent the USA1 to us #bibravepro's to test.  About a year and a half ago, the members of #teamwickedbonkproof received a discount code for XX2i which I jumped on immediately.  I almost always run in sunglasses even if it's somewhat overcast and at that point I had been through a number of cheapie glasses.  As I've mentioned before, I just don't like spending on high ticket items and I thought I could get away with any kind of sunglasses.  As it turns out, running ultras isn't too kind to glasses.  I broke many of them and I had trouble with many of them fogging up.  There were even a few that were just so uncomfortable and I would end up with a headache.  That combined with an excellent discount and return policy(you have a full year to return the glasses if you aren't satisfied & all glasses have a lifetime warranty) helped me to decide it was time to invest in some good glasses.
USA1 in action

That pair, the FRANCE2, that I bought a year and a half ago are what I'm still wearing now.  They are still in perfect condition.  The XX2i glasses are not only super sturdy but the company includes an incredibly durable case with every pair which I know has been key in my glasses lasting so long. 

FRANCE2 during Philly Hot Chocolate 15K

Since I have two different pairs of the XX2i and I love them both, I thought I would rundown both for you guys.
I am always taking my glasses on/off especially during ultras.  Both pairs of XX2i's always stay put even when I bend my head over. 
FRANCE2 the frame does not go all the way around the lense which is why I chose this particular model.  I was afraid if I chose USA1 which has the frame all the way around the lense they would fog up more easily.  As it turns out the USA1 have small gaps between the lense and frame that allow for venting (smart!).  I'm happy to report that I don't have any issues with fogging on either pair. 
enjoying some trail time
Both glasses are very comfortable.  I've had the FRANCE2 on my head for upwards of 20 hours and I literally forget they are there.  Also, I'm not sure how but they NEVER have fallen off my head even when I'm completely bent over like at an aid station or to pick something off the ground.  Obviously I haven't had as much opportunity to wear the USA1 for long periods yet but I wore them for a 4 hour run Saturday.  They were just as comfy and no issues with moving or falling off when I bend over even when they are on top of my head.  I was very satisfied. 

Both also come with polarized lenses, so important to reduce glare and protect your eyes. 
I wear them for other sporty activities too
I'm not sure if this comes standard with all the USA1 glasses but I was also sent two extra nose pieces, two sets of extra rubber pieces for the temples and a little screwdriver.  They are blue and red so you can change up the color of the glasses.  It was easy to take the black nose piece off however Emir and I could not get the little screws to go through the red or blue nose pieces eventually we gave up.  We also could not get the rubber off the temples to try to switch that out.  At the end of the day, I don't really care because I like the glasses as is but I figured for the sake of testing I would try.  And if anything happens to my glasses, I can get a new pair for free soooo yeah there's that ;-) 

And finally the most important part, how do they look?  Secretly one reason I originally chose the FRANCE2 was because I thought they would look cooler than the USA1.  Let me tell you as soon as I put them on the first time, I felt like an elite runner.  I thought for sure that I would not like how the USA1 looked nearly as much.  While it's definitely a different look, I really like how they look as well.  When I wear them with my running gear, I feel like I look like a serious runner but when I wear them with regular clothes, I look cool and hip (well as much as possible for me).  I like how versatile they are.  Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my FRANCE2 but I feel like they are SO sporty that I don't tend to wear them except for running or other outdoor sporty activities.  They just don't go with everyday wear. 
cool mom at lunch duty ;-)

Currently XX2i is offering a 50% discount, YES 50% when you use the code XX2iROCKS  I actually used it myself to buy my dad a pair for christmas so now he will look super good on the softball field ;-)  There are many colors to choose from in all their models so go crazy!

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